In this tutorial, we will show you the easy ways how to download videos from safari on iPhone. As you now, safari has a download manager which lets you to download any kinds of flies from internet including videos from iPhone.

How to download videos from Safari on iPhone

To download videos from Safari on iPhone, You can follow following steps:

  1. Firstly, you can open Safari from your iPhone. You do not need to download it first because you can find safari directly on your iPhone.
  2. Then, find the videos on your favorite website. For example, you open and find videos from Youtube application or others.
  3. After you found the videos, you will see the ‘Download’ button or link on the videos page, then tap the button or link to download the videos.
  4. Now you can find a tiny arrow icon with a circular blue progress on safari’s address bar which notice you that the download process is now on progress. It will take some minutes to download the videos from Safari on your iPhone up to finish.
  5. When the process of download is done, then tap the Safari’s arrow icon and pick Downloads to get to the download manager, which lists the downloaded files. These files are saved in a folder inside the Files app.
  6. You can also easily add the videos to your iPhone’s Camera Roll. Next, tap the video file then tap share button, and finally tap Save Video. Now you can find the videos saved in your iPhone automatically.

Another method to save a videos file using Safari on iPhone

Beside that, it is important to know that not all websites offer a ‘Download’ button. In some of videos, you will only see a ‘play’ button. If you find a videos without ‘download’ button on such a website, play the video and then follow these steps:

  1. Open video player on Safari, then tap the ‘Picture’ in ‘Picture’ button.
  2. On the video player screen, tap ‘Share’ button.
  3. After that, tap ‘Save to Files’, and then select which one of iCloud or iPhone’ you want to save, the last tap ‘Save’.
Another method to save a video file using Safari on iOS

Because some websites does not offer the optional to download videos from safari on iphone the above another methods can be very helpful.

How to Find downloaded files on an iPhone

Not only how download videos from Safari on iPhone, we will also let you know how to find the downloaded videos in some places on your gadget. Here are the steps to find downloaded videos from Safari, Camera Roll, and File app.

1). Safari: In the URL bar, tap the ‘Download’ button, and you’ll see the video file.

2). Camera Roll: Open the Photos app and then on the ‘Album’ tab tap ‘Recents’.

3). Files app: Open the Files app, then tap ‘Recents’ to see the video. You can also tap ‘Browse’ and find the video in the downloads folder.

Find downloaded files on an iPhone or iPad

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